September, and that back to school feeling! Highlights of the month include filming the stunning and stylish Cara Delevingne, fencer, 747 pilot, brewer and rock legend Bruce 'Iron Maiden' Dickinson (in the studio narrating the audio version of his book) and the colourful Lord Jeffrey Archer at his penthouse flat overlooking the Houses of Parliament. We also caught up with radio 3's Clemency Burton-Hill and her book to bring classical music to the mainstream (about time too!)  


  After over a quarter of a million plays of the videos that we did for the Hairy Bikers on Facebook, we went back into the studio to film some more to help promote their forthcoming book. Incidentally if you haven't checked out their recipes, we really recommend you do (we got to sample the food on the day-and its incredible!) Another great highlight of the month was hanging out with seriously tough ex-SAS guy Chris Ryan (the guy who walked 300km out of Iraq undetected in the Iraq War (as told in Bravo 2 Zero) escaping capture and the lovely and charming Penny Vincenzi who is about to release another rippoing yarn. We also took our new drone to Portsmouth to see if we could get a an overhead pass of the new £3 billion Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. (We weren't allowed so had to make do with a pass-by).  


  Highlights in July included making a fun video for the Borough Press team, capturing some beautiful footage of the Cornish coast with our new 4k drone and spending an enchanting morning with hit writer Minette Walters.  


  It was the first of 2 shoots with 150 million selling blockbuster author Ken Follett this month. We shot at Hatfield House where Elizabeth 1st grew up so the venue provided the charm with Ken providing the million pound delivery. It was great to work with Frances and Kier Construction again this month - i'ts always fun being out and about and interesting to see some of the greatest buildings being constructed from the bones outward, as well as learning new ways of shooting. Other shoots included the wonderful Dr Rupy Aujla's medical approach to cuisine and Dorset's own great writing asset Dilly Court.  


  A great trip up to Chester to film Sarah Millican was probably the highlight of the month - talking to Sarah about the best places to eat on the motorways of the UK before getting down to the serious business of promoting her new book provided some great laughs. Another highlight was getting to film Rupi Kaur, a wonderful canadian poet who has captured the imagination of half the world (with the other half about to follow suit no doubt). Other fun shoots included working with Frances and Kier Construction, fantasy world builder Jessica Townsend, Script writer Irena Brignell and many others.  


  April was as often is the case, a wonderfully busy month! It was fascinating to learn the life stories of actor Steve McGann (yes everyone knows him as one of the McGann brothers but did you know he had a very close relative on board the titanic?!) Clean Eating Alice is doing incredibly well with her 3rd book already on the go so we caught up with her both in the kitchen and in the gym, were on set with chef Marcus Weirings new offering and spent a day creating instagram films for those always affable Hairy Bikers - seems they are going veggie... well sort of.  


  A lovely fun month with another shoot with Holly Willoughby and a gaggle of toddlers (I think thats the collective term!), David Walliams, Gobi the dog and childrens favourite Michael Morpurgo and many more!  


  Dermot O Leary has added fiction author to his other considerable talents of presenter and radio dj. Charming as ever, a great raconteur and one to watch in the literary world no doubt!. Other interesting shoots included talking to top boffin Lawrence Krauss about the universe, Cathy Kelly and we were even at Westminster with George Osborne when they were voting about passing the law to instruct article 50 to go ahead. Oh and plus a shoot in the middle of the moors in Devon with Ian Mortimer is something that will sit in the memory for some years to come! Its always very different!  


  Janaury has been an incredibly month for the past few years and this was no exception. Highlights included chatting to the funny Christian o Connell at the Absolute Radio studios, everyones' favourite Englishman Ben Fogle and emerging new talents in the illustration world: Rob Biddulph and Benji Davies.  



  Christmas nearly here - just hold on! Highlights this month include Great Bake Off runner up Martha Collison, filming the guys who did the props /designs for the latest Harry Potter film - Fantastic Beasts and spend the day with Joanna Trollope at the Oxo Tower on a lovely day along the Thames!  


  We were lucky enough to catch up with the always funny Bernard Cornwell who is riding high with the Last Kingdom, Charlie and Lola author, Lauren Child and the lovely Joanna Canon.  


  October time - the clocks go back and Christmas stuff starts appearing in shops... and we do lots more shoots! From F1 big gun Ross Brawn to US crime legend Patricia Cornwell to beauty expert Sali Hughes to broadcaster Dawn O Porter we were there capturing it all!  


  Highlights in September included spending the day with Towie's Lydia Bright, Tom Parker Bowles (down at Fortnum and Mason to plug their first book for ooo about 200 years) and we followed Zanna as she went into her HQ on the banks of the Thames to see how her designs were getting on!  


  In the kitchen again this month with Anna Jones and none other than Hollywood A-lister Stanley Tucci!  


  OK so the last few months have whizzed by in more of a blur than usual, so its trying to remember some of the highlights time! Spending the day with Zanna on her book shoot on a sunny day was certainly one of them. It was also back to shooting with Miranda and her lovely dog Peggy and another shoot with the now best-selling author (to add to her youtube accollades) Niomi Smart.  



We think its fair to say Miranda is a national treasure and so it has been a lot of fun working with Miranda and her lovely little dog 'Peggy' this month. Clean Eating Alice's book is already top 10 and we've been back in the kitchen with her filming some great new smoothies. Summer, already (after a fashion) - what's going on !




We started working with one of youtube's premier lifestyle vloggers' Niomi Smart this month. Not only is she fantastic to work with but she knows what she wants and as well as keeping fit and healthy has some great recipes up her sleeves! We also had one of the funniest days with CBB winner and Geordie Shore favourite Scotty T.




We spent a wonderful day with Giovanna Fletcher who has about the sunniest outlook on life that we've ever seen! (Any time she comes up witha sticky situation in life she just 'kills it with kindness' - a message we could all learn from!) Back to the ITV studos with Holly Willoughby, an afternoon with young entrepreneur and MBE Fraser Doherty formed just some of the highlights of the month!




We had the great pleasure of filming Jeremy Paxman in March - not only was Jeremy about the nicest person ever but he even told some great behind the scenes stories (like the time a cameraman and lighting man were in such a rush, they accidentally unplugged Stephen Hawking rather than a light!) A great day was had by all when we followed Elly Pear and Anna Jones around Hackney sampling the best food the borough had on offer and we kept up the foodie vibe with a couple of shoots at star chefs' Marcus Weiring's house.




February continued in pretty much the same vein as January with BubbleHead working flat out. It was great to be editing Alistair Humphries again with his new angle 'Great Adventures'. Worth checking out if ou have an adventurous streak in you. We took a road trip to Liverpool, London and Cardiff in 3 days to film the 'never-stuck-for-a -comment' football legend Joey Barton , onto Sarah Hilary and finishing up in Wales with Jo Thomas. We also spoke to Jennifer Nadel and X-Files and The Fall star Gillian Anderson about their new book 'We'. We also caught up with fitness and fun duo 'The Lean Machines' (just thing thig to kickstart 2016!)




With over 20 shoots in January, it's fair to see we were pretty busy. So much so this update is coming at the end of February as there just hasnt been enough time to do even that! Great fun as always - more shoots with Bristol 2015 as they wanted 5 films celebrating their champions at their closing ceremony - Bristol has now handed over the batten to Ljubljana in Slovenia. Other great highlights included catching up with Holly Willoughby on her new books on babies and US author-extra-ordinaire Monica Wood.




it was great to be filming at one of the most important events of the last few years - Cop 21 in Paris in which a new agreement was made between the countries of the world to stop the temperature increasing past that 1.5 degrees. Nick Mitchell put through Joe Warner through his paces with an incredible 6 week body building programme that can turn even the most lumpiest guy into a muscle maverick. We also spent a bit more time with Elly Pear so Amazon could showcase her in action as they are now taking orders for her new book. The last shoot of the year was with the amazingly successful Bernard Cornwell who has been currently enjoying the success of his Last Kingdom series on the BBC. Right where's that mince pie!




It was great to catch up with Nigel Slater this month - he has a great new volume of the kitchen diaries out 'A Year of Good Eatingl'.We also went to film at the Paris Cop 21 Climate conference with Bristol 2015 (but more on that in December's update) and did something a bit different by spending a day at Bristol's newestfinest Pamperbanana Spa. We also filmed Times chef Anna Jones putting on an alternative Christmas feast (all lovely veggies) ...oh yes it's that time already!




As we get to the end of October we are starting to think of Christmas and the end of the year. Can't quite believe just how fast time is going! Highlights of the month have to include filming all time legend Sir Ranulph Fiennes who was at the Bristol Summit (as Bristol is green capital of Europe this ear) as main guest speaker. Seems like Bristol is in this year as we also did a couple of shoots with Bristol author and owner of the Pear Cafe and soon to be author Elly Pear as well as have an interesting shoot with the Mayor of Bristol George Ferguson. We filmed emminent historian Alison Weir revealing nuggets from the Henry VIII period (did you know Henry VIII was 6'2"!) as well as many more shoots - phew!


September time is always our favourite time of year. You can get some wonderful light as the sun gets lower and its still warm enough to enjoy being out and about. From the incredibly knowledgable Alison Weir to cricketing legend David 'Bumble' Lloyd to the divine chef Anna Jones to fantastic storyteller Howard Jacobson to acclaimed author Jeanette Winterson to Green Ambassador and activist Jonathan Porrit to....we were kept at full engine capacity once more!


August has been a hoot - we've been hard at it whilst everyone else has been on holiday. With another 6 more shoots for Doc Martens shoes, we enjoyed finding out more about the British iconic boot from the likes of designer Wayne Hemmingway. A cultural trip to Worcester College, Oxford University was illuminating with Sir Jonathan Bate (thats our 5th 'Sir' we've filmed btw!) - talking about his new book on former poet-laureate Ted Hughes. All time legend Chrissie Hynde was interviewed by John Niven about her new book and we had a lovely day shooting Stricty champ + allround media darling Caroline Flack.





We have been enjoying a lot of shoots this month, mainly in London. From Josh (Number 1 band You Me at Six) to highly successful US authors Lisa Gardner and Karen Rose to Tartan Noire specialist James Oswald to the wonderful Lorraine Pascale, these are just some of the shoots that we have undertaken so far. It was fun to meet up with local production company Double Shot -maybe Frome will become the new Soho (unlikely I know!)




June was hectic and July is already shaping up to be the same. We finished the edit on the Twits book which you can see here. New kids on the block Andrew Cooper (the diet coke man) has got a juice book out and the lovely Anna Jones (form Jamie Oliver's foodtube) also has - so we hit the kitchens twice in June. With more shoots for DMs including The Stranglers JJ Burnel and Horace from The Specials it was cram packed with delightful people this month (not to mention a fun shoot filming children for a Korean shopping channel!)


NEWS - BLOG - MAY 2015


May came, may went and we got stuck into the DMs project. It was great to catch up with Frank Iero (My Chemcial Romance), Pauline from The Selecter and Aaron Reel Big Fish - everyone is really passionate about the brand - a rare thing these days indeed. More fun was had with The Twits Roald Dahl top motion film that will be out shortly and a lot of editing of Jonathan Friedland. We have also secured a new studio /office but we dont want to jinx it and you know how long these things take. More news to follow....




We had the pleasure of filming Number 1 bestseller Simon Scarrow this month to talk about his forthcoming novel 'Hearts of Stone'. But as well as hit London numerous times throughout the month we also managed to get out to Liverpool to film Cathy Cassidyand 4 children making Jam Tarts ala Alice in Wonderland but also to France to film Rob D and his Dementia UK fundraising epic run in the Paris Marathon. Plus we chatted to Fern Britton about her new book and filmed more children for Puffin and the Wimpy Kid series. Busy month as always! We have just hooked up with Doc Marten boots so will be meeting up with some classic icons of the rock world soon...watch this space.




We've been on the road again in March and gone to even more celebrities' houses - Nigel Slater, Martina Cole and Lorraine Pascale's just to name a few! Sam Smith recently attributed his weight loss to the lovely Amelia Freer and so you better get your hands on the book before it sells out again!


February has gone by in a blur which can only be a good thing. We continued the theme from last month at going round celeb's houses and this month we were lucky enough to be let into David Walliams house in Primrose Hill. Funny and relaxed and charming as ever. Plus we got to hang with Master Chef judge John Torode's house - we get about a bit! We also had a lot of fun down at London Fashion Week (With Bath in Fashion) as BIF 2015 is happening soon.


Straight back into it. All our good intentions were perfectly summarised with the goodness that Amelia Freer puts into her recipes. January - you may be cold but we are going to eat well! Made in Chelsea socialite and author to be Millie Mackintosh invited us to her lovely home - you will have to wait til the end of the year for her new book though! And it wouldnt be complete without an Oscar nominated actor thrown into the mix. We filmed Jesse Eisenberg talking about his new book of short stories "Bream Gives me Hiccups and Other Short Stories'. Dry, funny and a really lovely guy. We really enjoyed the short adaption Laline Paull put on in Hampstead about her nw book The Bees.





December 2014

December was crazee - on one week, Liverpool, Dublin, Bristol and London (3 times) were hit all in one week on shoots! We caught up with One Direction again as well as new massive stars 5 Seconds of Summer. It was great to work with new clients Bristol 2015 (did you know Bristol are the green capital of Europe in 2015 - well you def do now!) A buzzing helicopter in Dublin nearly stopped our Tana French shoot but we got there in the end!





A spooky mansion in Gloucestershire provided a great setting for Kate Riordans new book and an old converted in pub in Dalston did the same for youtube wundergirl Tanya Burr.


We had a lot of fun in Scotland earlier this month watching the mighty Kevin Bridges sock it to a hall full of 1200 Glaswegians. Interviewed by Colin Murray we will let you know when the 3-parter airs. Also this month, we hooked back up with our favourite boy band One Direction. We took our earplugs (that'll be because of the rather noisy fans they have!) and cameras to a secret signing in West London and got the latest scoop about their new book. We have also been editing for the Bath Tourist Office and been very busy as everything points towards Christmas!


We have been working with Brian Turner, Belling and Umpf this month to produce what is going to be the ideal Christmas dinner (is it that time already!). We have also been enjoying working on Victoria Hislop's new book 'The Sunrise' and had the pleasure of filming about 10 of the best supercars ever to have been made (Supercar Book for Boys). The Volvo was seriously tested after that shoot! here's a link for one of the films we made with Giovanni Fletcher earlier this year shortly before she gave birth!


It was a great month to go down to the lovely Patrick Gale's residence at Lands End, Cornwall. He lives on a beautiful farm with their own beach - nice! We also covered Kew's music festival in the park for Winkworth (highlights of the highlights included Simple Minds belting it out and the hilarious Bill Bailey telling it how it is) not to mention the irrepressable Jools Holland who was joined on stage by Melanie C. Oh and we particularly enjoyed working with Atlantic Books on Dead Head Chess Club as we got to recreate a chess match and we are great fans of the worlds oldest game



Martina Cole has to be about the biggest female author after JK Rowling. As you would expect Martina rocks and we'll have the video footage to show you soon! We also enjoyed working with Penguin's new Vegan chef Lee Watson - maybe its time to let the animals live?!


June 2014. We are proud to have been working with Social Media Agency 33 Seconds and Peugeot cars this month to help promote their new range at Goodwood Festival of Speed festival. You can see some of the vines here. Plus check out some of the interviews here, here and here. Other highlights have included working with nutrionalist Amelia Freer and Icelandic crime writer Yrsa Siguroardottir.


NEWS - BLOG - MAY 2014


From recreating a fun interogation scene with Lizy Buchan to filming Penny Vincenzi at her lovely home in Wimbledon, a good time was had by all this month!




April 2014, and we have just completed the Barbara Hulanicki film for Bath in Fashion. Barbara looks back on 50 years in the fashion industry, from setting up Biba in London's swinging 60s to life in Miami and her new label Iconclub. we had other fun shoots this month with the likes of funny man Omid Djalili (how many people can say that they've been in Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean and Sex and the City 2!) and the lovely blockbusting Adele Parks.


Another month, another new client. This time we have been working with Headline and have been out about with authors from Sir David Richards to Victoria Hislop. We also went back into the kitchen this month with the lovely Lorraine Pascale and filmed a new promo with new radio station Fubar Radio. (A new station that is totally uncensored and has a packed schedule from Sean Hughes to Mark Dolan). Thankyou March, it was fun.


February came and went and in it we were busier than ever. We are thrilled to be working with new clients Atlantic Books we filmed Writer/Director Extra-ordinare Joss Weedon (think Buffy, think Avengers Assemble) interview the funny and bright Natalie Haynes about her new mesmerising novel 'The Amber Fury' and enjoyed our time at the sea side to catch up with double Booker prize winner Hilary Mantel. With many other shoot sincluding Tom McFlys other half Giovanna Fletcher and up and comer Joe Abercrombie, it was a great jam packed month.


January 2014 has already been really busy month and we have been working a lot with Penguin. We were lucky enough to shoot Jamie Oliver at his farm in Essex - he was on fine cheeky form so everybody had a lot of fun. Bath in Fashion 2014 is already starting which is our 3rd one! (The fashion event is May this year) and we will be covering the first covershoot as well as making a film with Barbara Hulanicki (founder of Biba) amongst others.


The run in to Christmas was much busier than we were anticipating. That was our first Christmas present and then there were lots of others ,like shooting with One Direction once again (they still are the nicest lads imaginable and have their feet firmly planted on the ground). Other shoots wth comedian Kevin Bridges and chef Lyndsey Bareham saw us hitting west London and a big project for the Bath Tourist board was great as we got to go to the Ice Skating rink, the American Museum and Bath Rugby for starters!


This month was hilarious. Quite literally as we did shoots with John Bishop and Johnny Vegas.




New up an dcoming band Dolomite Miinor are an up and coming duo who knocked out some great tunes at the Guildford Boiler room this month. Check out one of the tunes we filmed and edited right here!The lovely Lorraine Pascale was also a delight to work - she has a new book coming out - just in time for Christmas!




August saw us eating up some more miles around the UK. Surprise spot was Aberdeen to film the wry Stuart McBride who writes grainy detective novels in the bleak granite city. It was beautiful blue skies & dolphins when we went up there proving there's 2 sides to everything! Other areas of the Uk we journeyed to, filming, included Liverpool, Manchester and Marizion in Cornwall. Oh we do like to get around. Also meeting the fastest man that has ever lived, Usain Bolt has got to be right up there with best experience of the year. Quite literally...what a legend!




July and busy as always. A highlight for us was also the foodie Kitchen Queen Mary Berry (especailly as Jai gained serious wife credits by getting a signed book!) Back to prison with the Samaritans, Styal in Manchester, this time and editing Brian Cox's Wonders of Life kept us busy. (Quick update on Sneezeman game - now over 200,000 people have downloaded the game -over a million plays of our music!) Oh and how could we forget - we re-edited our shoot from earlier int the year with biggest band on the planet One Direction.